The Pemandu Experience

After Idris Jala’s visit to Kennedy School last week, a number of Harvard Kennedy School students – those who attended the talk as well as those who couldn’t make the time because of scheduling conflicts – have reached out to me, to learn more about the Pemandu experience, to understand what I went through in the early days of Pemandu’s establishment, or just to find out what Idris is like as a leader and as a person. Some have even asked me if they could apply to join Pemandu!

It gladdens me to realize that what we were doing in Pemandu was truly ground-breaking stuff. Those early years weren’t easy, and even today, Pemandu gets more than its fair share of brickbats. But when HKS professors and students get all excited, wanting to learn more of the Malaysian experience, it just brings that Malaysia Boleh spirit in me soaring ever higher.